About the Paris Quintet

In a tiny apartment somewhere in Montmartre above the very streets once walked by Picasso, Piaf, Hemingway, and Dali, five men in matching grey suits look out their window at the lights of the city determined to make it theirs.

The Paris Quintet is a feature film in development based on the award winning short film.

The short film sets up the dynamic relationship of the five characters who make up the paris quintet. The quintet is a group of men who administrate each otherʼs lives as one cohesive and symbiotic unit. We follow the five through their morning rituals. They get dressed in unison in identical suits, making themselves ready seemingly only to work on their diary which describes their future exploits in finding love in Paris. This is our introduction to their true aspirations which is one one day living in Paris.

Meet The Cast

The only French they know is “Nous sommes Parisien” – “We are Parisian”– a mantra they repeat in hopes it might become true. For Paris has always been their inspiration, the stage for their dreams. That magical place that, by simply living in it, might have the power to transform them into something bigger.

Poised, fearless, and brutally honest.

The Trainer

Loyal, pretty, and often bewildered.

The Tailor

The youngest, smartest, and most ignored.

The Counterfeiter

Tall, well read, and morally versatile.

The Stenographer

Kind, nervous, and maternal.

The Cook

Other Works

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The Pitch Session

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